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Investigative Journalism Is Dead

Excerpt from “Investigative Journalism Is Dead”  Grand Prize winner of La Plume Young Writers Contest 2023 Full short story to be published in December 2023 PART 1 Good Day, Jack The new hire could already tell you the names of every single one of these convicts he’ll soon call co-workers. There’s no better way to […]

Our Broken Tongue

She had never felt such a cacophony of anger and hopelessness than when she heard her grandmother’s laugh. There are seven thousand and one hundred languages that live in this world and for every word she couldn’t spit out one that matched the etch in her tongue. Steam rose from scattered dinner platters. From one […]

Her Vines

Published in Oxford Academia Creative Writing Program   We Begin For every rose, there is a thorn With every vine, there is a vein They may cut, they may stab They may do as they wish. And you will beg, beg for forgiveness They do not run and you do not hide “I lie, sunny,” […]


Excerpt from “Anya” 2nd Place winner of La Plume Young Writers Contest 2022 The relationship we have with others is this wretched mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves. To deny that is to deny the thoughts that occupy our minds. To deny that is to deny our innate desire to self-destruct. And that […]